Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheap Teen Auto Insurance

One of the most common is acquiring teenagers desires of his or her own car. And when they truly deserve it, they do get one. Of course, before you can allow your son or daughter to drive on their own, they must first meet the age required to secure a license. In most cases, being able to secure a license means one thing for teenagers - freedom!

Once you have got your teens their cars, the next thing that you must think about is car insurance. One of the first and most important considerations is the price of the insurance premium. Most insurers charge higher premiums for auto insurance for teenagers. This is because these companies see most teen drivers as being more carefree and accident-prone than adults.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can lessen the load for your teenager's car insurance. These factors might help you get a better deal in the future.

1 A spotless driving record. It is essential that you emphasize the importance of observing traffic laws and of having a clean driving record to your teenager. This means that they should avoid speeding tickets and other traffic violations such at all costs. And, while accidents do happen, being more aware can minimize the impact of one happening. A clean driving record will be awarded with lower premium payments.

2nd Look for auto insurance with a greater deductible. The premium payment is usually less for auto insurance that covers a higher deductible.

3rd A car with more safety features. It would be more beneficial to get your child a car that has a lot of advanced safety features. Avoid vehicles that fall under the higher ranking hazard class.

Follow 4th license restrictions. Teenage drivers need to stick to the restrictions and guidelines specify that their licenses.

5th Get a stand-alone policy. With this kind of policy, your child will be responsible for his own insurance. As a new driver, he will only be allowed daylight driving, a certificate from a driving school, and the like.

As a parent, the most appropriate thing for you to do is to inculcate the value of responsibility in them. Make them accountable for whatever happens to their car. They can even work part-time so that they can pay for one-half of their premium.

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